Hadhramaut Tribal Rebellion In Yemen : News Summary (20 December 2013)

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News summary for the Hadhramaut region as tribal rebellion takes off.  



2000 Hours | 20 December 2013

Confirmed : Young man named Omar Bazanbur killed in Al Mukalla city, Hadhramaut as qat vendors open fire on angry crowds attempting to burn down the qat souk. 2 others were injured and are in stable condition. 

Armed clashes erupted in Al Mukalla city a short while ago between gunmen and Yemeni forces passing through a street in an armoured vehicle. The armoured vehicle overturned during the clashes, and was then destroyed when a fire broke out. Photos here.

Protesters in Al Shahr town on the Hadhramaut coast take control of Yemen security headquarters and plant the South Yemen flag on it. More photos here

Al Shihr town : Protesters take control of security HQ. 


Video (below) : Protesters sing the South Yemen national anthem as the South Yemeni flag is planted on the security HQ in Al Shihr town.


1900 Hours | 20 December 2013

Video : Protesters take over army post & weapons at key junction of Qahwa Bin Ayfan in Hadhramaut, as Yemen soldiers withdraw without much resistance. 


1800 Hours | 20 December 2013

Communications links to various parts of Hadhramaut have been restored in stages since 1600 hours. 

Photos published from Al Mukalla city show large crowds of peaceful demonstrators : Photo gallery here

Protester plants South Yemen flag on Al Mukalla city's Police HQ 

1700 Hours | 20 December 2013

At least 2 have been killed in contest for control between tribesmen and soldiers in Seiyun town of the Yemeni government's "Radio Seiyun" and its transmission tower.

Yemen government news agency SABA quoting an anonymous local administration source denies that tribesmen have taken over control of multiple military checkpoints in the Masila oil region of Ghayl Bin Yamin directorate.

Photo : Protesters assemble in front of the Security HQ in Al Mukalla city, Hadhramaut. Reporter Saeed Al-Batati based in Al Mukalla city in Hadhramaut says protests are ongoing as well as clashes between locals and northern qat sellers. 

Protesters assemble in front of the Security HQ in Al Mukalla city, Hadhramaut.

1500 Hours | 20 December 2013

Yemen state media claims 3 simultaneous attacks in Amran, Shabwah and Marib on communications cables have caused a disruption of telecommunications services in Hadhramaut as well as Shabwah, Marib, Abyan, Al Jowf and Aden.

Heavy clashes are going on in Seiyun town in Wadi Hadhramaut, using light and medium weapons. Tribesmen are attacking army soldiers located within Seiyun's sole airport.

All bus transport services connecting Hadhramaut to Sanaa and other regions in Yemen have been cancelled. Seiyun airport says flights to Seiyun and Al Rayyan Airport in Al Mukalla will likely be cancelled from today onwards.

Yemen newspapers feature the unrest in Hadhramaut on their front pages.

Al Share' newspaper

Al Masdar newspaper

 Al Oula newspaper

1400 Hours | 20 December 2013

Mobile telephones on all networks in Hadhramaut remain disconnected. Internet access still cut. 

0900 Hours | 20 December 2013 

Sky News Arabia correspondent Mohammed Al-Qadhi says his team was prevented from leaving Sanaa airport to take their flight to Al Mukalla city, capital of Hadhramaut. Al Qadhia said on his Facebook page : "We have not been allowed to travel via Sanaa airport to Mukalla to cover Hadramaut uprising expected this afternoon. The security of the airport has asked us to bring a written permit from information ministry, allowing us to travel there with our equipment"


Sky News Arabia reporter Mohammed Al-Qadhi


0500 Hours | 20 December 2013

Confirmed reports that mobile telephone and internet telecommunications have been cut throughout Hadhramaut. Land telephone lines remain connected, and some have access to limited dial up internet service. Tribal leaders have switched to a limited set of satellite telephone systems for critical communications.

0200 Hours | 20 December 2013

Military & security units abandon many army & security sites in non-oil areas of Hadhramaut : Confirmed Police headquarters in Al Qatn dirrectorate and Sif in Du'an directorate. Tribesmen have taken over control of all abandoned army & security sites.

Armed clashes erupt  in Ghayl Bin Yamin directorate as Al Hamum tribesmen attack 2 military checkpoints, which had remained manned by soldiers past the midnight deadline. Army units resisted for a brief period before abandoning the 2 sites, which were then destroyed by the tribesmen. No casualties among the tribesmen; casualties among Yemen military forces unknown. Unconfirmed news that military checkpoints in oil block 43 were abandoned by soldiers and have been taken over by tribesmen.

0000 Hours | 20 December 2013

Hadhramaut Tribes Alliance (HATA) deadline to Yemen's government and army ended at midnight today.

Notices were disseminated to soldiers in Yemen army & security units in Hadhramaut :

  • All soldiers must ensure they carry their military identification cards at all times;
  • In order to preserve their lives, soldiers should surrender their weapons peacefully when requested by tribal militia.


Other Resources :  

Map : Hadhramaut directorates

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